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With true Isigny salted butter caramel

Just like in Brussels, sprinkled with brown sugar

Creamy homemade whipped cream, made with crème fraîche

The best waffle you’ve ever tasted!

Lightly filled with Belgian chocolate

Belgian chocolate or plain today?

We have waffles of course,
but not just that...

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Le comptoir Belge is :

Since the beginning, Le Comptoir Belge has been passionately dedicated to reinventing Belgium’s classic, the Liège waffle.

The traditional recipe is enhanced with exceptional ingredients such as organic eggs, clarified Belgian butter, and premium pearl sugar. Our master waffle makers prepare these pastries upon order throughout the day to always provide you with a hot waffle fresh from the griddle. You can then savor our moist brioche treat, which is deliciously caramelized on all sides.

Feel free to add our succulent homemade whipped cream to your waffle, or bring a French touch to your snack by garnishing it with Isigny salted butter caramel. We await happily for you to enjoy your favorite pastry.

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