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Chocolat belge


Our chocolate comes from the expert Belgian chocolatier, Fréderic Blondeel.
Fréderic is one of the rare artisan chocolatiers who stills roasts the beans himself.
Le Comptoir Belge is proud to offer such exceptional chocolates that result from this hand-crafted process.
We have a large range of quality products in our store, such as 100% Ghana chocolate bars, famous Brutus Peru chocolates--which require a special technique invented by Fréderic himself!, and chocolate spreads so good it’s best not to try them at the risk of becoming addicted...

Biscuits belges

Spéculoos and cookies

Our cookies come from Maison Dandoy, a Brussels family-owned operation since 1829.
Ask any Belgian what is the best Speculaas cookie in the country...
They will tell you without hesitation that Dandoy sets the benchmark.

Café Taeymans d’Anvers


Taeymans Coffee of Anvers. Taeymans is a small coffee roaster located in Anvers. These two coffee enthusiasts come together to share their passion through exceptional coffee.
The coffee is fair trade and roasted Italian style. These are purists, just the way we like them. Their coffee is a blend of 100% Arabica beans, strong and fragrant, not at all bitter, with a deliciously sweet aftertaste.

Glace artisanale

Sorbet and Ice Cream

Our sorbet and ice creams are pure artisanal wonders. Our natural raspberry sorbet is simply made of 73% Périgord raspberries and sugar. Our salted butter caramel ice cream is made purely from raw milk from Normandy and our homemade salted butter caramel. Without preservatives or artificial coloring.

Other artisanal products from Belgium

Our Sirop de Liège is quite simply the best made in the country. It is perfect to serve with cheese platters or foie gras. Our candies are made with pure Gum arabic.