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Viggo and Gabriel share an immeasurable love for gastronomy that is built on the absolute quality of exceptional ingredients and artisan know-how, which transforms a simple product into one of exception. In short, perfecting simple pleasures…

Every week in Brussels, they relish in the delights of Belgian gastronomy, enjoying in particular succulent Liège waffles.
They notice that this treat is a favorite at the gorgeous Grand Place in Brussels for both Belgians and tourists alike, but that there aren’t any shopkeepers in France, and particularly in Paris where they reside, who can truly do this gourmet snack justice.
The idea was born...Followed by more than a year looking for the most authentic artisans, fully devoted to quality and respect of culinary traditions, in order to offer France's sweet tooth the greatest Liège waffle in addition to chocolates, cookies, and other sweets that characterize the best of fine Belgian confectionery.

Since the very beginning, we strive to give you a truly exceptional product: our Liège waffle, made from all-natural ingredients, without any GMOs, preservatives, or artificial coloring.

"Since the very beginning, we strive to give you a truly exceptional product"

Gaufre d'exception